Weekly Data Portrait

I always have a habit of tracking what I did in a day. I get inspiration from creative routines of the best-recognized creative people around the world. Part of my goal is to compare how my routines differ from theirs.

So during 11/18/2020-11/23-2020, I tracked everything I did and categorized into 8 types as below. One round stands for one day (24 hours). There're ten circles, therefore each representing one day in the past ten days. Every color stands for one category.

Data Portrait p5 file (View code here)

  1. Efficiency: Work & Study
  2. Basic: Sleep, Hygenie, Shower, Eat...
  3. Freetime: Rest, Read, Do nothing...
  4. Social: With friends, Meet people,..
  5. FIT: Do sports
  6. Waste: A Waste of Time
  7. Commute: On a kind of transportation
  8. Accident: Things that I didn't expect to happen, for example going to hospital, doing others a favor...

raw data
Raw csv data imported from my app

Cleaned json data ready to use

Appendix: 3-week Dear Data with my friend Aichen

Week 1 ‘Data of Turning on the cam’ by Simone Liu

Week 1 ‘Data of Turning on the cam’ by Aichen

Week 2 ‘Chances to meet beauties’ by Simone Liu

Week 2 ‘Chances to meet beauties’ by Aichen

Week 3 ‘Rubbish We Left’ by Aichen